Beauty Tools You Can’t Live Without

Beauty tools can help add dramatic results to your skin care and beauty routine. With so many tools on the market, which tool will help get your skin in tip top shape?

To help explain my obsession, let’s compare  two derma roller popular tools: (1) Rotating Brush (example: Clarisonic) and (2) Exfoliating Machines (Macro Exfoliator). Both tools are designed for at home use and are designed to help your skin. Let’s take a look at each and see which may be best for you.

Rotating Brush

The Rotating Brush hand held device cleans, softens and smooths your skin. When used as directed, the brush is gentle, and removes makeup, oil and dirt more than manual cleansing. Many like the Rotating Brush because their skin feels soft after use.

Only use the approved cleansers with the brush. Most premium skin care cleansers are not made to work with the rotating brush and could lead to skin damage! Be careful because you could remove the lipid barrier on your skin with the rotating brush. Removing the lipid barrier can lead to skin irritation and sensitivities.

The Rotating Brush is good at cleaning, but it does not exfoliate or remove dead skin cells.

Macro Exfoliator

The Macro Exfoliator is a hand-held, do-it-yourself, exfoliation tool that sweeps away dead skin cells. The tool removes the stratum corneum (the top layer of skin) leaving your skin smoother and healthier looking with a more luminous complexion.

I’m obsessed with the Macro Exfoliator. Here’s why:


  1. My skin is so soft and smooth after each use! The handheld tool gently sucks the dead cells and reveals younger, healthier looking skin.
  2. Blackheads are kept to a minimum. Removing dead cells helps keep blackheads away from my face. Did you know that blackheads are a mixture of dead skin cells and oil?
  3. My skin care products work better and more effective at achieving results. Having fresh skin will allow your skin care products get better results!
  4. My skin has a healthy glow because the dead cells give a dullness to your skin.
  5. My skin looks younger because I am removing the dull, dead skin!
  6. Does not take a long time to use the Macro Exfoliator – Only once a week for 5 minutes!
  7. I do NOT have down-time after using the Macro Exfoliator – unlike with aestheticians where my skin was always red and needed recovery!

Super Tip #1 – If you never had blackheads as a teenager and are getting them now, then examine your exfoliation routine. Exfoliation is key! The Exfoliator tool will help remove the dead skin and the Rotating Brush will not.

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