Blue grass Song Themes: Partiotism, Drinking, Country Living

As we have talked about in ongoing articles there are six topics that the vast majority of the blue grass melodies can be set in; adoration, separating, drinking, nationalism, religion, and nation living. In this article, I will examine the topics of drinking, nationalism, and nation living.

The following subject of the down home tunes is drinking and celebrating. There are many blue grass tunes about drinking and celebrating. Most drinking tunes can be separated into two subthemes: drinking to neglect and drinking to live it up. I have observed three instances of drinking to fail to remember tunes, which are “Every one of My Friends Say” by Luke Bryan, “Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On” by Neal McCoy, and “Bourbon Lullaby” by Brad Paisley. The main melody, “Every one of My Friends Say” is about this person who woke up the morning in the wake of going out to stuff in his home tossed around. He then, at that point, called his companions to discover what had occur and his companions let him know that after his ex strolled into the bar, he began to do shots to fail to remember she was even there. From what the remainder of the tune discusses, I would say that he neglected and made a bonehead of himself. The following melody about drinking to neglect is “Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On”. This melody discusses a person name Billy at a bar since his sweetheart left him and he harms terrible, so he is drinking to disregard her. The melody then, at that point, proceeds to discuss all that happens to him that evening at the bar with his brew goggles on. The last drinking to fail to remember tune “Bourbon Lullaby” is fairly pitiful with a miserable completion. In this melody, a young lady unloaded her genuine affection and the person began drinking bourbon to disregard her. He would never drink to the point of foregetting about her and committed suicide from drinking excessively. After they covered him, the lady began drinking to disregard her culpability regarding what occurred. She was unable to fail to remember her culpability either and wound up drinking herself absurdly as well. Eventually, they wound up together in the great beyond.

I additionally have three instances of drinking to live it up. They are “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall off” by Joe Nichols, “Brew Run” by Garth Brooks, and “Barrel in the Closet” by Kenny Chesney. “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” discusses a lady who is going out with her companions for margaritas. Her sweetheart is concerned on the grounds that he has seen her beverage tequila previously and realizes that she jumps at the chance to take her garments off when she becomes inebriated. Thoughout the tune, he continues to inform the crowd concerning how great of a period she is having and the way in which each one will discuss it tomorrow. The following melody is “Lager Run”, which discusses a lot of folks that live in a dry province, so they make a brew run consistently to get brew. It discusses how they move quick to get to the area line and coming back the way in which they live it up. Then, at that point, they talk about making the run the following day since all their brew is gone as of now. The last melody about drinking to live it up is “Barrel in the Closet”. This tune discusses their life in their school uppena naa songs days when they had a good time with a barrel in the storeroom. They say that they did anything they desired and had a good time learning new illustrations and as long as they had their barrel in the storeroom. So let the fun occasions roll.

Then, at that point, there is the subject of positive energy. There are many blue grass tunes discussing positive energy whether they are more established or more up to date vocalists, on the grounds that in this country we are continually attempting to advance our adoration for our troopers. A couple of instances of these tunes are “American Solider” by Toby Keith, “Johnny Reb” by Johnny Horton, and “Letters from Home” by John Michael Montgomery. “American Solider” is about a solider who is battling across oceans and is away from his family. He discusses why he does his work and how he doesn’t get a portion of the extravagances that different Americans have. He proceeds to say that he is so glad to be safeguarding our opportunity and being an American solider. The following tune, “Johnny Reb”, likewise discusses positive energy. In this tune, the artist is discussing the way in which Johnny Reb has buckled down battling in the Civil War for what he had confidence in. It additionally discusses how he battled through everything and that the nation was glad for him despite the fact that he battled for the opposite side. After the finish of the conflict, the entire nation was pleased with the way that he had battled and was dismal when he kicked the bucket. The last devoted tune is “Letters from Home”, which is about a solider who has gotten many letters from home. It discusses him perusing the letter and how he could never peruse all that was in the letter to his mates, who were sore with regards to it. Eventually, his dad at long last thought of him and the solider was crying yet he cleaned away his tears and returned to work. These are only a portion of the great tunes that discussion about having positive energy.

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