Elementary School In Kind Donation Fundraising

The quality of your incentives is the single most important contributing factor to the success of your fund raiser. That is a very bold statement but it is completely accurate. What is one of the hottest incentives that you can offer when conducting a fundraiser?

When running a cookie dough fundraiser you in kind donations for nonprofits are at a distinct advantage over other types of products. The advantage is that everyone likes cookies. Try to think of someone that you know who does not like one kind of cookie or the other. I would bet that you can not think of a single person.

Another advantage with this kind of fundraiser is that the product is pre-sold. You do not have to worry about carrying around a roll of tickets or a stack of cards. All you have to carry is a brochure,Guest Posting an order pad, and a pen. Just visit the homes of friends, neighbors, and relatives and make your sales pitch. No heavy lifting involved.

Running a cookie dough sales is very straight forward and simple. Your sales personnel (teachers, parents, students, volunteers, etc.) simply present their sales brochure to potential customers and then take orders, allowing them to choose what they would like. Payment is collected from your customer at the time the order is placed and your volunteer moves on to the next prospect. Pretty easy so far isn’t it?

On the specified ending date of your fundraiser all of the orders and payments are collected from your sales force and are submitted to your cookie dough supplier. Your order will arrive in two to three weeks and be ready to distribute to your customers.

Cookie dough fundraising usually requires no out of pocket expense and that is a distinct advantage when trying to raise money for a cause. By collecting your money up front, you also have your profit in hand much quicker. When you use a post-pay method it will take much longer. The income you can expect when using cookie dough as your fundraising incentive is in the neighborhood of 40 percent.

As with any other type of fundraising effort there are some additional expenses that you must factor into your equation. These expenses might include added prize incentives to help motivate your sales force.

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