​ Here’s Why You Have Dandruff In Your Beard

Treating, and most importantly, preventing it is possible as long as you know what to do. Regardless of what’s causing your beard dandruff, you might notice that it’s worse during cold, dry weather and in hot, humid climates.

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If you use it, make sure you take extra precautions when you’re exposed to sunlight. Read more about skägg mjäll here. Neutrogena T/Sal has a dose of salicylic acid and may lessen the amount of scale you have. If you find that your scalp is particularly dry, make sure you follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

Also, regular moisturizing lotions may not work for a beard, so you can opt for beard oil instead. However, select it according to your skin type and skin issues. To use, take a few drops of oil between your palms, rub them, and massage the oil into the skin under your beard. To avoid buildups, start with a minimal quantity of oil . You can also opt for a medicated shampoo designed to treat dandruff.

So common that there are specific products that directly attack this problem, such as beard dandruff shampoo and beard oil for dandruff . Our pick for best beard balm overall is highly recommended by Ortiz, and is perfect for month-long beards as well as big, bushy ones. “Those big beards tend to suffer from the most dryness, which is why I recommend this balm to help soften and tame,” she says. “The white willow bark extract soothes the skin underneath while also promoting hair growth.” The aloe in this one will also soothe on contact. The formula also includes biotin to promote smoother, stronger strands no matter the length—no more dandruff, no more flyaways, no more split ends.

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Practice Safe Sun Everyone’s at risk for skin cancer. These dermatologists’ tips tell you how to protect your skin. Apply from the root of your beard—closest to the skin—and bring the oil to the ends of your beard while massaging it into the hair to ensure maximum penetration to the skin. “So trust that long hipster beard needs double the care,” Biggs says, adding that a shorter, more manicured beard that’s closer to the face may be easier to treat.

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If you normally experience scalp dandruff, you may also be more prone to beard dandruff, Engelman says. On days that you don’t use anti-dandruff shampoo, make sure to use a mild cleanser that keeps your beard and the skin underneath nourished and helps prevent oil buildup.

Regular cleansing and moisturizing routines are vital. Keep them up even after you get rid of beard dandruff.

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