How Going Green in Your Business Will Save You Money

With the deregulation of the industry all businesses that use over 20,000 kilowatts per month can now shop for a better rate for electric. By shopping they will be able secure a rate that lowers the bill by as much as 35% or possible more. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania corporations, sold entities and local governments can lower their power cost without losing service.

In today’s tough economy¬†5 Ways to Prevent High Inflation in Your Business it is becoming harder to find ways to reduce overhead and increase the businesses profits. The business owner needs to cut their expenses to stay ahead of inflation, in many cases their power of electric can be one of the largest unfixed monthly expenses one can expect each month.

With the in pending expectation of inflation it has become more important for the business owner to curtail some expenses to stay afloat when inflation ramps up in the future. Anyone who remembers the mid 1970’s remembers when businesses that operated 24 hours a day were force to shut their doors at night. They also remember when interest rates hit 20% and inflation was out of control!

There is one thing that is certain when we have a recession, high inflation is not far behind and now that utilities are being forced to compete you the business owner can in fact benefit. New Jersey and Pennsylvania businesses can seek alternative solutions to high electric bills each month. In fact many will have the opportunity not only to reduce the cost for each kilowatt, but also lock in the lower rate for up to three years.


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