How to Pluck Your Eyebrows Perfectly Every Time

Removing bulk from your brows doesn’t always mean pruning them. “Cut one hair a little longer and one a little shorter, so your eyebrows don’t get a crew cut,” says Streicher. Follow up with a brow gel like the Allure Best of Beauty-winning Benefit Gimme Brow + Volumizing Eyebrow Gel to keep hairs in place. Brow gel is the go-to product you’re going to need to make eyebrows look more natural and set the makeup in.

After your first time, you should trim your brows regularly. Pluck a few of the hairs on the top and/or bottom as you prefer, to reach your desired shape. Brush your entire brows up and pluck any hairs that lie below your brow line. You can pluck your brows to the width you desire, but alternate working on them so they are more even and make sure to step back to see how it looks in the mirror. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to our tutorial. Follow the steps below to become an eyebrow trimming pro.

You can use your brow pencil to mark this line to know how much hair should be waxed off or if it doesn’t even need to be touched. Measure your brows accordingly to make sure their placement is correct and that the shape you’d wax in is flattering for your face shape and even. Once you’ve narrowed down your shape, and what works for you, apply the wax outside your drawn border. It’s alright to go in with a tweezer to catch any stray hairs you might have missed with your wax after the process. Use the Lancôme Angled Liner/Brow Brush #15 to define and shape your brows both before and after trimming. While the angled end helps fill in and shape your brows, the spoolie is perfect for grooming and setting makeup.

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It was time to start an “eyebrow evolution” of my own. When it comes to your brows, there are a few rules you should be aware of before you pluck away your arches. Use a brow pencil as a guide to help you find the beginning, end, and arch of your eyebrows. The beginning of your brow should start right where your nostril begins. Hold the pencil vertically against the bridge of your nose and on top of your nostril to help you find the starting point . To find your arch, place the pencil on the tip of your nose and angle it straight across your pupil—that’s where your natural arch lines should be. The right tweezer is the difference between precise and undefined brows.

As large portions of the country continue to social distance, seeing a pro right now for your usual shape-up is not an option. While shaping your eyebrows at home can seem daunting, there’s some basic maintenance that can be easily executed with a little know-how. Simply fill in the brows daily and use a brow growth serum to help accelerate the growth process. Brow expert Michele Holmes even recommends her clients overfill their brows before plucking. For anyone who tends to take a tad too much hair off, this is a great strategy. And if you don’t fill in your brows at all, you can skip this step. Can a TikTok Filter Really Tell You Your Ideal Eyebrow Shape?

Our very best stories, recipes, style and shopping tips, horoscopes and special offers. Look straight ahead and line up the straight edge with the outside of your nose and your pupil to determine where your arch should be. After getting a feel for how things work, you should try out the process for yourself without attempting hair removal at first.

Your true arch is found by taking your brush and laying it diagonally from your nostril to the outside edge of your iris. You know the drill—enter your email for a chance to win free skincare and makeup. Read more about eyebrows here. This is when you’d want to apply them to the area to help calm any redness or irritation from the plucking. How to get thicker brows with semipermanent treatments. This step should be fairly simple once you’ve done all of the prep work above, so just remember not to get overzealous. If you find yourself straying away from the plan, take a break and return after a few minutes. Neutral eyeshadow palette for everyday to night wear.

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The ideal eyebrow shape is kind of like a fingerprint—each is individual to the person. While you may prefer the look of a full arch on yourself, your bestie may prefer a petite arch.

Keep your brows in shape with ABH’s Precision Tweezers. These salon-quality, stainless steel eyebrow tweezers come equipped with a slant tip for precise hair removal and professional-quality brow grooming. After filling your Stencil, remove any hairs that lie outside of the powdered area to perfect and maintain your ideal brow shape. Brow shape is unique to everyone’s face so it is important to let your natural shape be your guide. It is probably close to optimal for your face and anything too drastic can look unnatural. All angles of the face are determined by the eyebrows.

Now That Your Eyebrows Have Grown Back…

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