Man Made Diamonds – Myths Vs Reality, 2009

Real lab-grown diamonds have constantly provided the tantalizing prospect of creating the splendor of actual, actual diamond cheap to rings fanatics around the world. Unfortunately there is nevertheless a huge hole between common media articles and the reality of what diamond growing labs can truly grow as of November 2009.

This article is for this reason designed to train Lab grown diamonds diamond buyers who’re interested by shopping a real, lab grown diamond to make sure your expectancies are realistic and understand what is and isn’t always available (and why). In addition, this text can help prevent you from being taken with the aid of unethical CZ dealers who put it on the market their product as ‘lab grown diamond’ or ‘guy made diamond’ while their product is surely deceptively advertised CZ.

White Diamonds:

Since our closing article in 2007, there has been minimum progress on larger, lab grown white diamonds, although no longer for lack of attempt with the aid of scientists. Buying a 2ct, real gem grade, lab grown white diamond is presently about as possibly as you encountering a unicorn…The fact is neither, as of November 2009, currently exist.

There are simplest labs that have publicly referred to that they’re working on growing white lab diamonds for the customer marketplace at the moment. While one lab has had some as large as 1ct, those were uncommon occurrences and not effectively reproducible thus far. Even after years of studies and attempt, the typical diamond produced is much less than.50ct, and regularly the color is underneath the typical gem grade white mined diamond. The few which can be to be had typically promote for the equal rate as or better than a comparable natural mined white diamond and wait times for large sizes (.75ct and higher) can exceed three hundred and sixty five days with out a guarantee of if or when you will be capable of purchase. Thus the fact remains that there may be no diamond vendor able to provide lab created white diamonds on a regular, without problems available foundation and in sizes over 1ct (as of November 2009).

Because of this disparity among supply and call for for actual lab grown white diamonds, there are nonetheless a number of CZ sellers who run commercials, in all likelihood even displaying next to this newsletter, proclaiming ‘Flawless Man Made Diamonds’, ‘Perfect Lab Created Diamonds’ or similar false claims. These are unethical dealers peddling ordinary CZ under bait and transfer marketing techniques. Their product isn’t always real lab grown diamond (carbon), however as an alternative CZ (cubic zirconium), a broadly available simulated diamond material that mimics the appearance of white diamond, but is not real diamond. Plain CZ has been to be had since the 1980s and is not anything new to the jewelry marketplace. The best twist is what number of dealers have succeeded in taking advantage of the consumers expertise hole between media articles over-proclaiming the supply of actual lab grown diamonds, and the bounds of what genuinely is available in real lab created white diamond.

Larger, 1ct and better lab grown white diamonds will optimistically finally come to fruition, but for now, the market continues to be confined by using the extreme issue of growing white diamonds in sizes proper to consumers.

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