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I suspect the increased traffic has pushed the fish to hang elsewhere. We wanted to do the boat trip first, in the morning, in order to keep the ‘no sunscreen’ part out of the midday heat. We therefore were looking for the dirt track turn off at the km 205 sign to go to the boat dock car park. We knew we were close, having located km 206 and 204 (!) however after some confusion we think the sign has now been taken down, and replaced with a new OXXO convenience store. After a couple of wrong turns ending in nothing, we found the right track was in fact directly opposite OXXO and between the 2 bus stops on each side of the road. Once located, as mentioned it is a short drive/walk until you meet a little hut and a cordon stopping you driving any further, with the car park on the right.

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A sturdy SUV with all-wheel drive is needed. When we were last there, the pothole-ridden road to Punta Allen was in awful condition due to rains that have been eating away at this rough dirt road.

This tour will cover all the major attractions you need to visit at the Statue of Unity. AAROGYA VANThis is another unique Garden that has several medicinal plants grown in it.

So if you are heading down there alone – or maybe even in a group of two – you may need to buddy up with others and/or hang around until other solo travellers arrive. We tried to negotiate the price for the boat but the guys were pretty strict. Guys, thank you so much for this detailed description of DIY tour to Sian Kaan! It was very helpful and everything worked as you described. This was worth it once, not sure I’d pay $35 to do it more than once. My girlfriend and I just arrived from the Muyil Trip. Thanks a lot John, your blog is amazing and so helpful.

Try using walking poles

Definitely bring pesos and bring some extra, of course, just in case. Thank you so much for this detailed guide to DIY’g a tour of Sian Ka’an. I used to only DIY travel, but because of personal constraints last few years, I’ve had to rely more & more on guided tours. Originally, we planned 1 night in Punta Allen and then would drive back out, catch a ferry to Cozumel for 2 nights.

Also keep your passport, driving license and rental papers to hand in case you have any dealings with the police. That’s the building, shaped like Mickey Mouse’s conical blue hat from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” where the walls are lined with images from a century’s worth of iconic toons. Here are a few upcoming tours you won’t want to miss.

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At this point, Mars leaves the stage and tells The Hooligans to perform the moves as he watches from in front. He points out that the guitarist, Phred, is not doing the dance moves correctly. Mars decides not to include the choreography, due to the amount of time they are spending on it. The Moonshine Jungle Tour was the third concert tour by American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars.

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There’s only one route from the Muyil entrance, and I recall it being about a few hours. We were on a boat with another couple, but there was another boat with 6 other tourists so there was a little noise as we floated along the canal. Still, the place is beautiful and the floating part was fun! We brought our snorkels/masks as you suggested and saw some fish, but unfortunately that was just about the wildlife we saw. Just wanted to thank you John for this write up.

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