The Truth About Human Resources Staffing and Outsourcing

What are the differences between human resources staffing and regular outsourcing? Before we review some of the primary differences, let’s first consider some of the limitations of outsourcing.

Many employers believe that outsourcing is an instant fix. Not true. In fact, the industry continues to suffer because of unqualified prospects being hired and sent out prematurely. In some cases, outsourcing work might not even solve the most pertinent issues. For example, let’s say a company sets up a hotline for technical issues with a software program. The majority of the calls concern a design flaw in the system. Outsourcing the problem to a virtual call center will not address the real issue.

On the other hand, hiring a consultant with software de rrhh human resources staffing would bring you an experienced worker who has experience with overseeing such technical issues. The primary difference between outsourcing and human resources staffing is that the latter employs experienced workers who handle projects. Standard outsourcing usually involves workers who simply follow orders.

Another misconception about outsourcing companies is that the workers are superior to internal employees. This can be true, but it certainly isn’t a guarantee when you work with a typical staffing agency. However, human resources staffing doesn’t just send you employees-they send you consultants. Most of their hr professionals have years of hands on training and experience.

Some of these interim professionals are at the beginning of their careers and are looking for ways to supplement their income. Some are experienced and valuable workers who are simply suffering from economic conditions and looking for a job that pays a competitive rate. You as the employer can determine whether you want temporary workers or whether you are looking for a temp-to-hire worker.

Workers who specialize in a niche area, as with human resources staffing, are the most valuable investment for your company. They are motivated to deliver a superior level of service. Remember when you are searching for additional help around the office, you are not just paying for workers to take up space. It is also a misconception that outsourcing is always cheaper than hiring qualified HR staffing employees. It depends on the individual contract negotiated.

You are buying the services of established professionals who can work to complete a given task. Time is money and hiring unqualified workers instead of human resources staffing may cost you more money in the long-run. If you don’t have time to train new employees but need projects completed, HR staffing is your solution.


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