Top 7 Mistakes Rookie Real Estate Agents Make

Georgia’s capital and largest city, Atlanta is a city that has practically everything going for it, be it climate, location, easy transportation, air access, and a supportive government. It is a major southern financial and cultural centre statistically covering more than 6,000 square miles and 110 municipalities. Owing to its location, Atlanta, GA enjoys a moderate climate and the residents of the city enjoy the four seasons. This makes it a favoured spot for buying property.

If one looks at the Atlanta real estate market then you Real estate agent roswell would come to realize that though the city is highly populated, the prices of properties in this region are quite reasonable in comparison to the rest of the metros in the country. An Atlanta real estate boom is strongly predicted in the coming years. While a two-bedroom condo in New York’s Manhattan might cost you a hefty one million, Atlanta real estate would quote perhaps $250k – $300k for a similar property. The current number of Atlanta properties on the market is 5,596. According to the RPX Monthly Housing Market Report for January 2008, the average price per square foot of an Atlanta home is $91.41. The median single family home price as of August 30 2009 is $272,975 while the median price per square foot for homes in the city as of August 30 2009 is about $191. The median price for an existing single-family home in metro Atlanta fell 25 percent during the past year, weighed down by a tide of foreclosures and other distress sales. But this decline is not to suggest that the roof has caved in on Atlanta’s real estate. The 2008 housing report held a surprise for those looking for all gloom and doom. More than two dozen zip codes across 20 counties, with 10 or more home sales, experienced increases in sale prices.

To boost the real estate sales figures, today Atlanta homes are also exposed through popular Internet home search or listing services, radio and television promotions, and local Atlanta real estate guides. The traditional “For Sale” signs on the front lawn are still remarkably effective. Many Atlanta GA realtors use brochure boxes along with these signs to market the Atlanta home.

Located just 15 miles north-west of Atlanta and just south of the North Georgia Mountains is the city of Marietta. Marietta, GA offers a variety of housing to match your lifestyle. The city’s landscape has changed with the single-family homes, condos, apartments and town homes that have come up in the region. Marietta realtors have ensured the fact that every potential buyer can get whatever he wants in his most prized asset. No matter whether you are buying a property for the first time or are looking for the perfect Atlanta GA luxury home, you are sure to find it in the city and its suburbs.


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