WhatsApp Chatbot – A Great Tool for School/College

These days schools use WhatsApp corporations to ship information to the mother and father approximately the university guidelines, examination schedules and updates on university activities.

But if we need to ship the identical statistics to whatsapp gold entire university students dad and mom? So just consider there are one thousand college students in a faculty and I need to send School day agenda to all the dad and mom. That’s in which WhatsApp groups fall short. Or I may want to use WhatsApp broadcast however that has a restrict of 256 contacts! But, this is time-eating. Because of the all elegance trainer’s want to accumulate message information and get in touch with information from the concerned person and want to feature mother and father touch details in a personal smartphone and need to create group or broadcast and then send a message. Phew!

And nevertheless, there are so many faculties which don’t use this gain from WhatsApp. As I saw every teacher have to name the mother and father to tell about scholar/parent council software and should take the affirmation on whether or not they’ll attend this system or no longer.

Teaching activity is tough enough as it is. Teachers have to teach subjects additionally except that must be lively in different college activities, have to call and inform the mother and father and get the confirmation regarding a few activities. This virtually makes the lecturers’ life hard.

Today, there are plenty of recent equipment or software’s evolved, by means of the use of that we will attain plenty of human beings in a 2d. This isn’t always only more effective however may be a terrific time-saving element for overloaded instructors. WhatsApp advertising and WhatsApp Chabot are some examples of gear that could assist.

Are you questioning what is WhatsApp marketing and WhatsApp chatbot?

Let me introduce you to those gear! WhatsApp Marketing is not anything however advertising or promoting your logo thru WhatsApp. As I gave examples above associated with schools, will keep with the identical subject matter. For instance, an academic 12 months goes to start and you have a new path from this 12 months. So how you will sell it? Using conventional advertising approach you’ll placed a banner out of doors the college or you will positioned an commercial in the newspaper. But will that reach to predicted admission prices? Maybe or may not be. But if you have 1000 contacts and you want to promote your course details via that then WhatsApp advertising might be the satisfactory tool. By using WhatsApp advertising device you could send bulk messages to a thousand+ contacts.

Now coming to WhatsApp Chatbot, it’s a WhatsApp autoresponder. For an example, in case you need to ask dad and mom to a student/dad and mom council program and you want affirmation from them that they’ll attend or not. Then you may send a message by using the usage of WhatsApp Marketing like:

Hi, this is the call from “mention college Name” inviting you to attend the student/discern council software on “point out Date and time”. Please confirm your presence by using sending Yes or No.

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