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Here is my new sonnet on the Legend of Peru, I really do trust the Ruler of Peru, Toledo, doesn’t fly off the handle, for the new legend has removed his high position for half a month, the spot light I mean. However, before I give you the sonnet I will essentially refresh you: El Perro (the canine), who has a name, ‘Lay Fun,’ to my comprehension, was a guard dog on the job, and he killed a looter. Furthermore, to the public’s consternation, the public authority, and Toledo is the Public authority in حكم وامثال Peru, needed him executed, yet some gathering thought of cash and legal counselors, and saved the canine from his destruction, fate, to a public legend of the month status. This obviously, took the concentration off the Ruler of Peru, which Toledo, whom is on television 7/24 I think. I question Sipan stood out as this smaller guy got; I’m not saying he’s a terrible ruler, he is Inca, so I know better- – save, I could be simmered alive for composing this. Besides, he enjoys the right to speak freely of discourse, and Americans, a couple of characteristics not copious in South America these days, so I give him credit, and praise. However, then again, I think his companion (whom is wild more often than not) escaped with a lot of mummies to Paris or London or a spot to trade out before the lord ventures down in a couple of days from his privileged position. Along these lines, having said this, here is my little sonnet, committed to Ruler Toledo:

E Perro- – the Legend [of Peru]

There is legend in Peru nowadays,

El Perro, ‘Lay fun’ they call him

(I believe it’s a he)- – He killed a

Looter, I gossip, and he went

Being investigated a few days ago, for canine

Butcher they say.

The Republic of Peru, took

A stand, and legal counselors saved his

Canine, stow away from the man:

Presently he’s the legend of Peru,

I figured this could occur

In America, I was tricked.

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